Kevin Brewerton ABOUT KEVIN BREWERTON Kevin Brewerton is a 5x World Kickboxing champion, Visual artist, and Author of the “Warrior Within” (The mental approach of a Champion). He pioneered the sport of karate/ kickboxing. He is also the Author of his new memoir book, These are African Hands: The Journey of A Champion, Actor and Director […]

Adrian Benjamin

ABOUT ADRIAN BENJAMIN Adrian has worked for UBS Investment bank at 22, was in New York as part of the Mountbatten Internship scheme after graduating university in Birmingham where he studied Business Studies. Since then Adrian has been a Financial Consultant where he has worked internationally for the largest Investment Banks, Consultancy Practices and Payment […]

Lily Edinam Botsyoe

ABOUT LILY  Lily is the founder of the Pointers in 10 Podcast. More impressively, works currently as the community engagement manager and board member for the Hacklab Foundation. She also sits on the board of the Internet Society’s Youth Special Interest Group and chairs the committee for women and youth of the Internet Society Ghana […]

Michael G. Donkor

ABOUT MICHAEL G. DONKOR Michael G. Donkor is a  Financial planner and Life Coach from London. He also has a strong background in Wealth Management. He’s worked in Finance for the last 10 years.  CONNECT WITH MICHAEL FacebookLinkedinEmail  IN THIS EPISODE  (PART 1) WE COVER   How Michael went from Retail Banking to a self-employed Financial Planner / […]

Kwasi Affum ABOUT KWASI AFFUM Kwasi is Vice President of Impact Assessment in Group Strategy at Barclays. He is also the founder of FutureBanking, a FinTech Ecosystem aimed at changing the face of FinTech and make it more inclusive by helping underrepresented founders to access funding, employees to up-skill, and students to find opportunities.  Kwasi also hosts […]

Mika Abraham

ABOUT MIKA ABRAHAM Mika Abraham is a trusted voice in the African Music industry as well as the creative arts industry. She uses her passion, experience and engagement to constantly empower African creatives and The African diaspora. She is a well respected broadcast journalist and host who is recognised both nationally and internationally for her […]

Ghana 365

ABOUT KOBI BOAKYE / GHANA 365 Kobi Boakye is the founder of Ghana 365, the Ultimate guide to Ghana, providing excellent travel advice. He is also a founder of Buff Body Fitness. CONNECT WITH KOBI BOAKYE / GHANA 365 Linkedin: IN THIS EPISODE WE COVER  How Kobi conceived the Ghana 365 platform The passion […]

Kwame Christian

ABOUT KWAME CHRISTIAN Kwame Christian is a Bestselling author, attorney, and the Director of the American Negotiation Institute and and a respected voice in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution. Christian has conducted workshops throughout North America and abroad, and is a highly sought after national keynote speaker. Host of the world’s most popular negotiation […]

James Mercer

ABOUT JAMES MERCER James is a Ghanaian born in the UK (South London to be exact), where he lived all my life apart from five years. Four years in Keele University with Adrian and one in Ghana. He went to school in Cape Coast in a school named Mfantsipim which boasts an alumni of Kofi […]

Jesse A-H

ABOUT JESSE ACQUAH-HAYFORD  Jesse Acquah-Hayford is a Digital Creator, founder of  New Motive WOC (World of Creativity) returns to The Sound of Accra Podcast! He is also founder and host of The Definition Podcast, which focuses on debates and conversation on controversial topics. New Motive WOC mainly focuses on Logo designs and branding. CONNECT WITH […]