Bridging the African Diaspora via Entrepreneurship and Real Estate x Dawn Dickson | S6 Ep.7

ABOUT DAWN  In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Dawn Dickson a 6-time founder, speaker, and real estate investor with a deep passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Dawn shares her experiences and insights as a bridge between the diaspora and Africa, particularly focusing on Ghana. We delve into the cultural renaissance and global […]

Being a Mompreneur, Realities of Ghana & Building an Empire x Rochelle | S6 Ep.4

ABOUT ROCHELLE In episode 5, Adrian interviews Rochelle, a content creator and entrepreneur who relocated to Accra, Ghana. Rochelle shares her journey of moving to Ghana three years ago and starting a successful restaurant, Crazy Burger, with her partner. The conversation delves into the challenges and rewards of balancing motherhood, content creation, and entrepreneurship. […]

Navigating Ghana’s Property Landscape: A Conversation with Samuel Leeds

ABOUT SAMUEL LEEDS In this special interview on The Sound of Accra Podcast, Adrian sits down with property millionaire Samuel Leeds. He is an experienced property investor, TV Landlord and entrepreneur with a passion for big dreams and aspirations. His advice to start small and build up comes from his own experience in making mistakes […]

The Future of African Entrepreneurship x Amma Gyampo | S6 Ep.3

ABOUT AMMA GYAMPO In episode 3 of Season 6,  Adrian is joined by Amma Gyampo, co-founder and CEO of ScaleUpAfrica, for an enlightening conversation about entrepreneurship, innovation, and the unique challenges and opportunities facing Africa.  Together, Adrian and Amma explore the importance of job creation, and the crucial role of the youth demographic in […]

Shaping Journalism and Impactful Broadcasting in Ghana x Carlton Cofie | S6 Ep. 2

ABOUT CARLTON COFIE (EDITOR AT ASAASE RADIO 99.5) Adrian sits down with Carlton Cofie, Editor of Asaase Radio 99.5 in today’s episode. In this captivating interview, Carlton recounts his journey from teaching broadcast journalism to shaping the next generation of reporters in Ghana. From discussing the impact of storytelling and the challenges of the […]

The Role of Twi in Shaping Ghanaian culture and identity x Twi Learning Centre | S6 Ep. 1

ABOUT TWI LEARNING CENTRE (EMMANUEL AMOH-OBENG) Adrian sits down with Emmanuel Amoh-Obeng of the Twi Learning Center, to explore the importance of preserving language and culture, with a focus on the Ghanaian Twi language. They discuss the language courses available at the Twi Learning Centre and the impact of understanding and adapting to Ghanaian […]

Navigating Leadership, Self Growth and Reflection x Akua Nyame -Mensah | S5 Ep.10

ABOUT AKUA NYAME MENSAH Adrian speaks to the accomplished Akua Nyame Mensah, Founder and CEO of A.N.M and Company. She is an executive and leadership coach, facilitator, and speaker. Join us as we explore Akua’s insights on leadership, personal development, and the art of creating spaces that foster positive connections. She is also a […]

Why Ghana is Attractive to The Diaspora | S5 Ep.9

ABOUT IVY PROSPER This week, Adrian speaks to Ivy Prosper. She is a YouTuber, Presenter Reporter, Producer, Public Speaker and Writer. She is also the founder of Prosper Creative Group, which produces content, consults with clients and supports projects in the creative industries. As an advocate for empowering women and girls, Ivy has been […]

The Digital Africa Gold Rush & Startups x Joannes Hotagua | S5 Ep.8

ABOUT JOANNES HOTAGUA This week, Adrian speaks to Joannes “Joe” Hotagua, founder of Authentic African, a platform that helps African Artisans sell their products around the world. Joannes also owns the popular Authentic African YouTube channel, which boasts over 11K subscribers, and the instagram page, which has well over 100k followers. He is a […]