In episode 3 of Season 6,  Adrian is joined by Amma Gyampo, co-founder and CEO of ScaleUpAfrica, for an enlightening conversation about entrepreneurship, innovation, and the unique challenges and opportunities facing Africa. 

Together, Adrian and Amma explore the importance of job creation, and the crucial role of the youth demographic in shaping the future of the continent. 

They also explore the impact of COVID-19 on Africa and discuss potential solutions and opportunities for growth. From electric vehicle technology to the vibrant creative talent in Ghana, this episode offers a deep dive into the dynamic landscape of African entrepreneurship and innovation. Tune in for an enriching discussion that sheds light on the critical issues and promising initiatives in Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.


In this episode you are going to learn:

🌟  Impact Investing and Youth Development. Amma shares about the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program in Ghana, focusing on impact investing and youth development through social entrepreneurship.

🌟 The potential for electric vehicles and locally adapted electric bikes in Africa, as well as the growing popularity of solar-powered vehicles, sustainable businesses, emphasizsng the move away from oil and gas.

🌟 The importance of job creation opportunities for young people in Africa, the need for practical skills development, and efforts to attract international film production to drive local production and change the import-heavy system

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00:00 Intro
04:17 Local engineers creating innovative solutions to mobility.
06:32 Talking about Shaq Express and electric bikes
09:29 ScaleUpAfrica supports continental entrepreneurship and marketplaces
15:35 Support local employment, improve skills, empower women
17:53 Confidence from real-world work experience is essential
19:38 Impact investing in Ghana addresses ecosystem gaps
22:48 Shift income to impact investments through conversations
26:58 Praise for Sam Babu and COVID’s African impact
31:19 Exciting developments in Africa’s social enterprise landscape
34:16 Working on funding and launching specific productions
37:20 Outro


1. Introduction and Background

– Introduction of Adrian Daniels and Amma Gyampo as the host and guest of the conversation

– Mention of their involvement in the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program in Ghana

– Affiliation with the GSG global network focusing on impact investing and advocating for policy changes

2. Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing in Africa

– Focus on supporting entrepreneurship through wholesale funds managed by fund managers

– Challenge of low rate of exits for investments in Africa and its impact on investors’ willingness to invest

– Involvement in supporting social entrepreneurship through organizations like Reach for Change

– Emphasis on solving basic problems like food, shelter, health, and financial services in Africa

3. Electric Vehicle Technology and Sustainability

– Insights from conversations with individuals from Shaq Express, Manufinder Africa, and Wahoo Mobility regarding electric transportation

– Discussion on the uniqueness of Africa’s situation and the potential for solar-powered vehicles

– Growing popularity of solar-powered bikes among young people

4. Support for Medium-Sized Companies and Job Creation

– Description of ScaleUpAfrica’s mission to support medium-sized companies and create new marketplaces in Africa

– Differentiation between startups and scale-ups and reaching the growth stage for companies

– The emphasis on impact investing and job creation in Africa

5. Youth Development and Philanthropy

– Discussion of connecting young people and women to resources in Africa, focusing on addressing the poverty gap and job market challenges

– Plans for 2024, including the launch of a short film called “Diasporize” and expansion in the creative industry and philanthropy sector

– The need to connect and leverage creative talent in Ghana and across the continent

6. Opportunities and Challenges in Africa

– Critique of foreign-designed programs and the need for programs that match the scale of the problems in Africa

– The importance of involving young people and Ghanaians in job opportunities and creating value chains to absorb young people into the workforce

7. Economic Development and Job Creation

– Focus on mobilizing finance to address sustainable development goals and filling funding gaps in Africa

– The difficulty of scaling up in Africa due to different markets and the importance of understanding and solving customer problems

– Challenges facing the labor force in Africa and the initiatives to make Africa more competitive in various industries

– Potential for industrialization to provide opportunities for economic growth and job creation in Africa

8. Social and Economic Impacts of COVID-19

– Shift to digital solutions and tools due to the pandemic and the potential in local production

– Underutilization of local resources, specifically in training women in agribusiness

– The need for more women’s involvement in various industries, driven by the demographic advantage of a young population

The podcast episode covers a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship, impact investing, sustainability, job creation, youth development, and challenges and opportunities for economic growth in Africa.


1. How can impact investing and policy advocacy support entrepreneurs in Africa, and what are the challenges associated with attracting investment in African businesses?

2. What are some examples of impactful projects or initiatives in Africa that are addressing fundamental needs such as food, shelter, healthcare, and financial services, and how can these be supported and scaled?

3. In what ways are Ghana and other African countries leveraging renewable energy and technology, such as electric vehicles and solar-powered bikes, to stimulate economic growth and job creation?

4. What strategies and initiatives are being implemented to support medium-sized companies and create new marketplaces in Africa, and how can these efforts benefit the local workforce and economy?

5. How can youth development and job creation be prioritized to ensure that young people in African countries have access to opportunities within their own regions rather than seeking employment abroad?

6. What are some of the key challenges facing entrepreneurs in Africa, including the lack of real-world work experience, the emphasis on education over skill development, and the need for confidence and soft skills?

7. What are some examples of successful companies in Africa that have focused on understanding and solving customer problems without relying heavily on external funding? How can this approach be replicated for other entrepreneurs in the region?

8. How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced the adoption of digital solutions and tools across industries in Africa, and what potential opportunities and challenges have emerged as a result?

9. How are initiatives to attract international film production to African countries such as Ghana contributing to economic growth and job creation and addressing the import-heavy nature of the industry?

10. In what ways can the potential of Africa’s young population, particularly in harnessing youth demographic advantages, be leveraged to drive innovation, economic growth, and social development within the region?


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