Adrian is joined by two friends who are some promising young and up and coming Entrepreneurs in Ghana from the Agriculture space; Nana Kofi of Merdeo Foods and Gideon Awelana-Bulase of The Honey Palace. Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities in the agricultural industry, the impact of technology, real estate, and climate change on farming, and the innovative solutions these entrepreneurs are bringing to the table. From supply chain issues to exciting expansion plans, get ready for an eye-opening conversation that will leave you inspired and informed about the future of agriculture in Africa. 


Gideon Bulase was born and raised in Achimota, Ghana. His passion for business and entrepreneurship began when he met a cousin at Achimota Mall who introduced him to the world of honey production. Intrigued by the idea, he accompanied his cousin to the market to buy ingredients and learned more about the honey business. From that moment on, Gideon was hooked. He began to research and study the honey industry, eventually starting his own small honey production business. Today, Gideon is a successful entrepreneur and proud owner of a thriving honey business, thanks to that chance encounter at Achimota Mall. 


Nana Kofi launched Merdeo Foods, a procurement platform linking farmers with urban vendors in Accra and providing data solutions, on back of being a University student, following his national service completed with ZeePay. In this episode you will learn: 


– The impact of technology penetration and slow acceptance in the agricultural industry. – The encroachment of real estate development on farmlands and the potential for future food scarcity. – The influence of climate change on agriculture and the hope offered by advancements like vertical farming. – The encouragement for entrepreneurs to enter the agriculture industry to address the current challenges. – The challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship in agriculture, demanding a realistic mindset.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/the.honeypalace/ 

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Web: https://www.merdeofoods.com 

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nana-kofi-sarpong/


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00:00 Intro 04:12 Founder of Merdeo Foods connecting farmers & vendors. 06:21 Ghanaian business and mentoring young entrepreneurs. 12:29 Frustration with unreliable pricing, entrepreneurial mindset focus. 14:50 Warehouse adding wind turbine for produce preservation 16:59 Unique, affordable digital POS system for restaurants. 20:04 Bees feed on various tree sources. Monoflora honey. 25:46 Supply chain challenges, including government compliance issues. 26:47 Beehive funding, challenges, expansion in farming operations. 29:36 Starting day early, prioritizing meetings, valuing training. 35:23 Encouraging technology growth, but acceptance is slow. 36:51 Warning of hot 2025; hope in technology 40:02 Entrepreneurship is hard but rewarding. Accept it. 44:16 Outro


Primary topic: 60-second Business Pitches

– Nana Koffi explains Merlio Foods as a procurement platform linking farmers with urban vendors and providing data solutions

– Gideon introduces Honey Palace as a leading honey brand in Ghana, working with beekeepers to produce various types of honey and focusing on environmental sustainability

Primary topic: Entrepreneurship Journey and Challenges

– Nana Koffi faced struggles with his restaurant, Obama Beans

– Nana Koffi lobbied for an opportunity and was given the chance to serve his national service at Z Pay, where he received mentorship

– Gideon Bulase discusses the start of Honey Palace, including the business’s transition, showroom opening, and partnerships

Primary topic: Challenges and Solutions in the Agricultural Industry

– Technology penetration and acceptance in agriculture

– Real estate development encroaching on farmlands

– Impact of climate change on agriculture and advancements like vertical farming

– Challenges faced by Nana Koffi’s business, including spoilage, bad roads, and solutions involving collaboration and government involvement

– Gideon Bulase addresses Honey Palace’s supply chain challenges, including regulatory issues and customer education

Primary topic: Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Growth Plans

– The opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship in agriculture

– Honey Palace’s expansion plans, including training beekeepers, international expansion, and establishing a honey plant

– Nana Koffi’s plans for 2024, including expansion of Medio Foods, collaborations, wind turbine installation, and logistics revamp

– Nana Koffi’s talks with Founder Factory Africa for investment

– Nana Koffi and PK’s selection as top candidates for a military program

Primary topic: Daily Operations and Team Management

– Nana Koffi’s daily routine and team composition at Medio Foods

– Gideon Bulase’s daily operations, including meetings, training, partnerships, and customer interactions

– The team composition for both businesses

Primary topic: Initiatives and Projects

– Initiatives and other organizations to train beekeepers and manage beehives

– Nana Koffi’s project with 1,000 beehives, wind turbine installation, and digital POS system

– Gideon Bulase’s project with 1,000 acres of land for share trees and beekeeping

– The distribution and delivery initiatives by Honey Palace, including partnerships and discounts

Primary topic: Personal Moments and Interactions

– The host and guests discussing their involvement in the PKM Abing Scholarship Program

– Personal anecdotes of Nana Kofi and Gideon Bulase’s experiences, including their friendship and starting their pioneering ventures


1. How can advancements in technology help address the challenges faced by smallholder farmers in the agricultural supply chain?

2. What are the potential consequences of real estate development encroaching on farmlands, and how can this be mitigated to prevent food scarcity?

3. In what ways can entrepreneurs contribute to addressing agricultural challenges, and what mindset is required for success in the agriculture industry?

4. How does climate change impact the agricultural industry, and what innovative solutions, like vertical farming, offer hope for the future?

5. What are the key challenges in the honey and agriculture supply chain, and how can they be addressed to ensure sustainable and efficient production?

6. What are the specific ways in which Nana KofI’s company, Medio Foods, and Gideon Bulase’s Honey Palace are working to improve agricultural infrastructure, regulations, and education in Ghana?

7. How important is collaboration among farmers and government involvement in road improvement to address the transportation challenges faced in agriculture?

8. What strategies are being implemented to address the complex regulatory framework and communication issues when dealing with farmers, as mentioned by Gideon Bulase?

9. How can the agricultural industry in Ghana attract and retain more entrepreneurs to drive innovation and sustainable practices?

10. What impact do the businesses of Nana KofI and Gideon Bulase have on the local economy and sustainable agricultural practices, and what are their future plans for growth and expansion?


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