Joshua Kyeot

ABOUT JOSHUA KYEOT Citing Stevie Wonder, Sisqo, and Michael Jackson among his top influences, Joshua is an all-round entertainer and has something to offer that can be respected by the discerning and casual listener. The surname KYEOT that he has adopted is telling onlookers to pay attention: Keep Your Eyes/ Ears On This. His voice is […]

Awura-Adjua Eshun

ABOUT AWURA-ADJUA  Awura-Adjua is an incredible 21 year old, self-taught jeweller specialising in creating Grillz (gold teeth), as well as jewellery restorations. She started her business 17 (One Seven) Jewellers in 2017 in South London and educated herself on how to make Grillz by watching videos and reading dental publications. She’s now based in Birmingham, […]

Etornam Minta

SHOW SUMMARY In the Season 1 finale, Adrian chats with an acquaintance, performing arts Actress, Etornam Minta, who has a passion for short films and theatre productions with a purpose, whilst flying the flag for Ghana in a number of media publications and shows.  Listen from 13 mins in to hear the story behind her […]

Mahawa Kamara

SHOW SUMMARY Adrian chats with British Sierra-Leonean entrepreneur, Mahawa Kamara, who recently relocated to Ghana in late 2019. She is the founder of The Soap Connoisseur, an organic toiletry company originally established in the UK, which she grew from her kitchen. In this episode, we discuss things like: Why Mahawa moved to Ghana and how […]

E.A Gamor

SHOW SUMMARY In this episode of The Sound of Accra Podcast, Adrian chats with digital consultant and multimedia journalist, E.A  (Emmanuel Agbeko) Gamor, the founder of the Unpacking Africa Podcast and entrepreneurial leader. In this episode, we discuss things like: Why he’s currently living in South Africa, having previously lived in America and Ghana Why […]

Cece Adjei

SHOW SUMMARY Cece joins Adrian in this insightful episode of The Sound of Accra Podcast. Adrian and Cece discuss everything from travel media, travel destinations and recommendations (Pre and post-COVID-19), diversity and the emergence of afrotourism in recent years, and for the years to come. In this episode we discuss:  What goes on in the […]

Kofi M-A

SHOW SUMMARY Adrian co-hosts this episode of The Sound of Accra with a good friend of his, Kofi M.A ; a Media and Communications Specialist and Content Creator. We have a real conversation about being from the Diaspora, and if the Diaspora or Africans and Ghanaians living in the Western world abroad are at risk […]

Jason Agbodza

SHOW SUMMARY In this powerful episode of The Sound of Accra Podcast, Adrian catches up with close university friend and successful investor, Jason Agbodza, who is a day trader for a living, and runs a successful business in trading after quitting the corporate rate race, and gives listeners some great takeaways from self-development.  In this […]

Holiday Helperr

SHOW SUMMARY In this episode of The Sound of Accra Podcast, Adrian chats with Kojo Brown (aka Holiday Helperr),who runs an online travel agency designed to help you save money on travel, open peoples eyes to the world of travel, providing travel and tourism services namely in Marrakesh, Dubai and Accra and maximising your annual […]

Naana Daniels

SHOW SUMMARY In the mid-season episode, Adrian chats to another overseas relative, Naana Daniels, the founder of Honam Naturals, a Ghanaian-inspired organic skin, hair, and bath line for men, women, and children of all ages.  In this episode, we discuss things including: How her battle with Lupus inspired the organic body care line  How she […]