Adrian sits down with Carlton Cofie, Editor of Asaase Radio 99.5 in today’s episode. In this captivating interview, Carlton recounts his journey from teaching broadcast journalism to shaping the next generation of reporters in Ghana. From discussing the impact of storytelling and the challenges of the evolving news industry to reminiscing about his time in London, this episode is packed with wisdom and insights.

We uncover:

– Traditional and digital media convergence: Carlton highlights the increasing importance of maintaining an online presence and embracing new technologies in the broadcasting industry. As traditional media outlets and digital platforms coexist, journalists need to be versatile and report across multiple platforms to stay relevant.

-Impactful journalism: We delved into the significance of storytelling and human interest reporting in making a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Carlton’s experience in interviewing Dr. Joe Cohen, the inventor of a malaria vaccine, and attending the Bill Gates Malaria Forum in Seattle underscored the profound effect of health-related reporting on Africa and beyond.

– Training and mentorship: With his extensive experience in both industry and academia, Carlton emphasized the need for proper training and guidance in journalism. His dedication to teaching thousands of journalists in Ghana over the past decade and providing support and training via YouTube and other platforms is commendable.


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00:00 Intro

04:07 Feeling trapped in academia, industry’s broadcasting challenges.

07:07 Teaching and guiding colleagues in newsroom skills.

12:12 Praising skills, discussing media trends, and future.

13:32 People want on-demand content and news.

16:27 Traditional media can thrive alongside digital media.

19:59 Media arts school prepared for online and broadcast.

25:31 Exciting career capturing rising stars’ journeys.

27:20 Broadcasters should be humble and honest.


Primary Topic: Carlton Cofie’s Background and Broadcasting Career

– Carlton’s role as the head of news at Asasi Radio 99.5 in Accra, Ghana

– His previous experience at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and in teaching broadcast journalism

– Study at Westminster University, Harrow Campus in London

– Reflection on his career and role in helping budding musicians

Primary Topic: Impact of Broadcasting and Journalism

– Importance of storytelling and interviews in making an impact on people’s lives

– Concern over changing practices in broadcasting and journalism

– Teaching traditional values and qualities in aspiring journalists

Primary Topic: Future of Journalism and Media

– Embracing online platforms for news delivery

– Coexistence of traditional and digital media

– Importance of maintaining an online presence and embracing new technologies

Primary Topic: Challenges in Broadcasting and Journalism Industry

– Lack of training and advice for new broadcasters

– Clash between traditional and new methods of journalism

– Importance of music in radio and entertaining during morning shows

Primary Topic: Journalism Education and Industry

– Gap between industry and academia in journalism education

– Carlton’s contributions to the industry and offering journalism training on YouTube

Primary Topic: Digital Transformation and Impact on News Media

– Transformation of the news media industry due to shift from print to online

– Affordability issues with producing print media leading to job losses

– Concern about potential threat of artificial intelligence replacing human reporters

Primary Topic: Memorable Journalism Moments

– Interviewing Dr. Joe Cohen, the inventor of a malaria vaccine

– Attending the Bill Gates Malaria Forum in Seattle and the potential impact on Africa

Primary Topic: Carlton Cofie’s Experience Studying in the UK

– Taking bus 258 to the Harrow bus station and walking to the campus

– Missing the experience and food (doner kebab) in Harrow

– Reflection on studying broadcast journalism in the UK and his contributions to the industry

Primary Topic: Asasi Radio and Legacy Inspiration

– Work at Assasi Radio with veterans from the BBC

– Facilities and studios named after veteran Ghanaian broadcasters

– Inspiration to leave a legacy and be celebrated like the veteran broadcasters


1. What are the major challenges and opportunities that Carlton Cofie identifies in the contemporary news media industry, particularly in the context of digital transformation and technological advancements?

2. How has Carlton Cofie’s teaching career at the Ghana Institute of Journalism impacted the next generation of journalists, and what core values does he emphasize in his training approach?

3. In what ways does Carlton Cofie believe that traditional values and qualities in journalism are essential for aspiring journalists? How does he think they should balance these traditional values with the demands of modern media platforms?

4. How does Carlton Cofie envision the future of journalism, particularly in embracing online platforms for news delivery? What steps does he believe future journalists should take to navigate the convergence of traditional and digital media?

5. How does Carlton Cofie reflect on the influence of journalists and storytelling in shaping routines and impacting the lives of listeners? What specific examples or instances does he highlight to support this viewpoint?

6. Can you discuss Carlton Cofie’s insights into the changing practices and values in journalism and broadcasting? How do these observations align with or differ from your own experiences or observations in the industry?

7. What advice and guidance does Carlton Cofie offer to aspiring journalists regarding their journalistic approach and professionalism, particularly in the context of serving public needs and maintaining ethical standards?

8. What impact does Carlton Cofie emphasize through the reporting of health-related discoveries, such as the malaria vaccine? How does he suggest that impactful journalism can influence and benefit communities, especially those in need?

9. As a veteran journalist and educator, what initiatives and resources does Carlton Cofie offer to support and train aspiring journalists, and how does he bridge the gap between the industry and academia in journalism education?



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