In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Dawn Dickson a 6-time founder, speaker, and real estate investor with a deep passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Dawn shares her experiences and insights as a bridge between the diaspora and Africa, particularly focusing on Ghana.

We delve into the cultural renaissance and global prominence of Ghana, comparing it to the growth of Atlanta in the early 2000s. We explore the challenges and opportunities in Ghana’s real estate and investment landscape, the differences between living in Accra and Lagos, and the thriving business and networking opportunities in Ghana.

Dawn also shares her experiences in Rwanda, emphasizing the importance of authenticity when sharing advice and comparing the differences between Rwanda and Ghana in terms of culture, government, and lifestyle. We also touch on the upcoming bi-continental lifestyle event aimed at providing insight on thriving in Ghana beyond tourism.

So, if you’re interested in entrepreneurship, real estate investment in Ghana, and the bi-continental lifestyle, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to check the links in the description and show notes for more details, and be sure to leave your feedback and suggestions for future collaborations with Dawn.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dawnwdickson/?hl=en

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawndickson

Website: https://dawndickson.me/



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00:00 Intro 04:38 Dawns passion for Africa 07:27 Lagos always present, chose Ghana for connections. 10:15 Popcom: Innovative vending machine integrates digital technology. 14:31 US citizen residing in Ghana, seeking dual life. 16:31 Choosing expertise over location for professional focus. 21:59 Helping others invest and avoid scams. 23:41 Ghanaians own land 27:46 Outro



Primary topic: Introduction to Dawn Dixon and her background

– Dixon’s experience as a 6-time founder, speaker, and real estate investor

– Her involvement in the U.S. State Department’s speaker program

– Connection with the Year of Return in Ghana in 2019

Primary topic: Comparing Accra and Atlanta

– Cultural renaissance and global stage presence of Accra and Atlanta

– Ghana’s increasing global prominence in travel, tourism, music, and events

Primary topic: Real estate investment in Ghana

– Transition from tech background to real estate due to demand for investment assistance

– Importance of due diligence and expertise in real estate development

– Concerns about inexperienced developers in Ghana’s land-rich environment

Primary topic: Comparison between living in Accra and Lagos

– Safety and traffic advantages of living in Accra compared to Lagos

– Networking and business opportunities in Ghana

Primary topic: Rwanda’s approach to social welfare and community development

– Strict policies on plastic and cleanliness

– Efforts in addressing homelessness, unemployment, and providing healthcare and food for everyone

– Trauma caused by the genocide but pride in the land and community

Primary topic: Bi-continental lifestyle event in Ghana and the U.S.

– Introduction to key people and insights on functioning and thriving in Ghana

– The increasing interest of Americans in living between Africa and the U.S.

Primary topic: Sharing knowledge and expertise about Ghana

– Importance of authenticity when sharing advice

– Comparing differences between Rwanda and Ghana in terms of culture, government, and lifestyle

– Appreciation for the friendly and outspoken nature of Ghanaians

Primary topic: Conclusion

– Emphasis on the importance of authenticity and expertise when navigating between Africa and the U.S.

– Appreciation for the entertainment options and events in Ghana compared to Rwanda


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