SARS protest – Nigerian Podcasters speak out (Africa Roundtable, Volume 1)

Adrian Daniels

Adrian Daniels

Founder and Lead Host- The Sound of Accra Podcast

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So this week I asked for fellow African podcasters from Nigeria to share their thoughts and feelings on the recent #ENDSARS protests and outbreaks taking place across Lekki, Lagos and Nigeria. On my African Roundtable series, I pass the mic to other podcasters and voices from the African and diaspora community, who want to amplify their voice and give their opinion on a trending themes or events. For the guests that submitted their opinions, I’m truly grateful for your contributions.

This is content that we normally don’t do, but as a Ghanaian-based podcast, I wanted to extend an arm to my fellow Nigerian brothers and sisters.

The Sound of Accra Podcast is praying for and expresses deep condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one, friend, co-worker or contact of theirs on the back of the recent massacre of protesters at the Lekki toll gate.


Todays Africa Roundtable guests


nike anani the connected generation

Nike Anani | Podcast- The Connected Generation

Nike Anani is a NextGen Mentor building sustainable family enterprises. She helps them maximise their leadership effectiveness for service in the family enterprise, leaving a legacy. Her dream is to see a rise of African NextGens stepping out of the shadows and rising to legendary leadership, leaving a positive impact on the continent.

Nike’s Connected Generation is a forward-thinking podcast aimed at inspiring millennials, families and the next generation. She has an infectious voice and makes for a great host, taking you on a ride with some thought-provoking content.




Oluwatobi Asekun | Podcast – This Nigerian life (Explicit)

Oluwatobi Ashekun

Oluwatobi is a lawyer, Human Rights and Tech Enthusiast.

On her podcast, This Nigerian life, she shares life experiences of a young Nigerian woman living in Lagos. Her podcast features friends and special guests sharing life stories, what it means to be Nigerian and their relationship with the country.




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