Beyond the Return: Ghana in a Covid-19 Era (Africa Roundtable, Vol 2)

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Ghana quickly became one of the African countries with the most Coronavirus cases. It also became one of the top countries to fight against the virus outbreak. The Ghanaian Government took no chances in dealing with the menace. 

Today, Ghana is almost on the verge of a 2nd wave of the virus sweeping the nation, with currently just under 50,000 cases and remarkably only 350 deaths to date.

On 1st September, Ghana re-opened its international airport and resumed commercial flights, and since the summer of 2020, the country has seen some kind of normal again, including restaurants, bars, tourist sites and public events all back on again, with the exception of beaches, nightclubs and cinemas still closed. However, things aren’t quite the same as they were back in March in Ghana, and I decided to catch up with a few travellers and contacts of mine from different backgrounds and industries, to explore how their professional and personal lives have been affected by this outbreak.

Todays Africa Roundtable guests

samuel baddoo fleri

Samuel Baddoo | Founder, Fleri 

Samuel is an African-American Ghanaian and Entrepreneur. He Founded Fleri, a health insurance comparison platform for individuals buy health insurance for their loved ones in Africa.


Kingsley ampoful
Kingsley Ampoful | Singer, Gospel Artist, Vocal Coach and Youtuber

Kingsley is a rising Gospel Artist who has made multiple concert, radio, church and TV appearances. 

Connect with him below:


Nana Kwesi Coomson

Nana Kwesi Coomson | Journalist, Public and Relations Officer, Founder, 233 Times

Anthony Nana Kwesi Coomson  has 5 years of experience in media and communications and he is the Chief Executive Officer of Prestige Knight Enterprise, operators of, the Western Region’s leading online news portal. He is also a reporter for The Chronicle newspaper and a CSR employee for Skyy Media Group. With an intense passion for public relations, he is the Public and Media Relations Officer for the annual Western Music Awards, Westside Legacy (a union for youth talents in the Western Region). 

He also provides communication and branding consultancy to a number of not-for-profit organizations in Ghana. In addition, he is the convener for ‘Yes We Can’ pep-talk. In the next 5 years, he intends to employ 50 reporters and 5 software engineers across 10 regions. He also wants to set up a cooperative union of youth entrepreneurs in Ghana to solidify interactions and networking with experienced entrepreneurs in various industries.



Kwashie Darkudzi | Founder, Darsfield Village Farms and Outgrowers

Kwashie is the founder of Darsfarm, organic and commercial farmers. He is a producer of organic fruits, vegetables and fruit juice has a strong reputation for producing high- quality products. It has established supply relationship with fruit producers (out-growers) in local areas and actively provides advice and support to the independent orchardists in order to enhance the company’s supply of fruits and vegetables.


Ishmael Nii A. Quaye

Ishmael Quai | Digital Marketer, Real Estate Agent, Business Enthusiast 

Ishmael considers himself a jack of all trades; Versatile, easily adaptive and contributing productive ideas wherever he finds himself. He is adept in real estate, marketing, business and analysis, in both team-orientated environments. When he’s not marketing or thinking of new ideas, he can either be found eating or reading. Connect with Ishmael below: 


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