This week, Adrian speaks to Ivy Prosper. She is a YouTuber, Presenter Reporter, Producer, Public Speaker and Writer. She is also the founder of Prosper Creative Group, which produces content, consults with clients and supports projects in the creative industries.

As an advocate for empowering women and girls, Ivy has been outspoken on issues regarding self-esteem, positive body image and gender equality.  

As the former reporter on the television series, Maternal Health Channel, she gained a strong desire in supporting initiatives that educate the public about the issues related to maternal mortality.  


0:00 Intro 4:30 Beyond the Return in 2020 7:26 Afrochella to Afrofuture 11:05 Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa 14:58 Ivy’s favourite Interviews 18:11 Solving Africa’s Problems 18:55 Ghana’s X Factor 25:54 Ghana’s attraction to the diaspora 27:40 Ghana’s customer service 30:08 Getting to know Ivy 31:47 Ivy empowering young women 35:38 TEDx Talk 37:34 Content creation success isn’t overnight 39:12 Essential Guide to moving to Ghana and tips for content creators 42:30 Outro


Your essential guide to moving to Ghana


They need help building the marcus garvey foundation in Ghana (Ivy Prosper interview) 


Ivy’s TEDex Talk


Ghana has historically invited the diaspora to come. Kwame Nkrumah invited Malcom X to come. So many people like Mohammed Ali have come


Ghana is Voted 2nd safest country in African in 2022


Ghana is more expensive than people think. Have a backup of funds.


People are always late. Exercise patience. It can take 2 to 5 years to settle if you are an entrepreneur in Ghana. 


Keep doing what you are doing and create your catalogue.


– Ivy Prosper’s early content creation efforts and involvement in promoting Ghana and Africa through digital media

– Adrian Daniels’ agreement on the importance of sustainability and consistency in any pursuit

Primary Topic: Moving to Ghana and Content Creation Tips

– Ivy Prosper’s advice for people moving to Ghana

– Tips for content creators and the importance of patience and consistency

Primary Topic: Projects, Initiatives, and Festivals in Ghana

– Panafest and its promotion of Pan Africanism through arts and theater

– The Joseph Project and its aim to invite the diaspora to Ghana

– The Year of Return in 2019, marking the 400th anniversary of the arrival of enslaved Africans in the U.S.

Primary Topic: Ghanaian Diaspora’s Attraction to Ghana

– Factors contributing to Ghana’s appeal to the diaspora, including stability, safety, language, and the warmth of the people

– The role of social media in promoting Ghana and attracting others to the country

Primary Topic: Women’s Challenges and Empowerment

– Challenges faced by women in their thirties trying to have children

– Ivy Prosper’s podcast focusing on the experiences of women in having children

Primary Topic: Empowerment and Self-Esteem

– Ivy Prosper’s passion for empowering young women and addressing self-esteem and body image issues

– Reflecting on the impact of her speaking engagement with a 14-year-old black girl

– Ivy Prosper’s message about the power of digital media in bridging the gap between the diaspora and the African continent

– The importance of Africans sharing their stories and creating opportunities through digital platforms

– Ivy Prosper providing her social media handles, website, and email for inquiries

– Adrian Daniels encouraging the audience to check the show notes for links and references

Primary Topic: Guest and Host Interactions

– Ivy Prosper expressing gratitude for being featured on the podcast and acknowledging Adrian for telling impactful stories

– Adrian inviting feedback from the audience about the podcast and potential sponsorship opportunities

Primary Topic: Guests’ Previous Interviews

– Guests interviewed by Ivy Prosper, including individuals making positive contributions to the community

– Historical significance of Ghana as a Pan African nation and its invitation to the diaspora

Primary Topic: Promoting Ghana and Event Activities

– Strategic conversations with the president about a festival to bring together the global diaspora and locals in Ghana

– The Year of Return and Beyond the Return campaigns, and Ivy’s role in content creation and managing social media for these campaigns

– Comparison of tourism numbers and event activities during the years 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 in Ghana

– Emphasizing the successful December 2022 event with over 98,000 visitors and a variety of events

Primary Topic: Recognition of Lesser-Known Achievements

– Discussion about the human tendency to share celebrity news, but not lesser-known people’s achievements

– Highlighting impactful interviews with individuals making positive contributions to the Ghanaian community


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