Adrian sits down with Emmanuel Amoh-Obeng of the Twi Learning Center, to explore the importance of preserving language and culture, with a focus on the Ghanaian Twi language. They discuss the language courses available at the Twi Learning Centre and the impact of understanding and adapting to Ghanaian culture in both business and everyday life. Emmanuel shares his experiences and the journey of starting the online school, with a focus on connecting people to their roots and maintaining the authenticity of Ghanaian languages.

The conversation delves into the significance of language and culture in shaping identity, financial decisions, and everyday life for Ghanaians and returning expats. Join us as we delve into the rich traditions and the vital role of language preservation in shaping a thriving community.


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00:00 Intro 03:21 Twi Learning Center chosen for its cultural significance 07:27 Understanding language requires learning its aspects professionally 09:54 TLC provides support for education and resources 15:39 Losing language means losing identity, communication essential. 16:57 Preserve culture and language for future generations 20:51 Multiple courses focusing on language acquisition techniques. 24:58 Helping people connect to their roots, worldwide 26:39 Passionate about language and culture, discussing tree’s future. 30:20 Losing cultural values in society, lack of respect 38:24 Ghanaian identity tied to American influence 41:42 Networking, language practice, and shared learning experiences 43:30 Ghana tourism, Zoom classes, free for travellers. 47:39 Dedication to understanding and helping others in language 51:10 Language barriers hinder purchases, return to Ghana 53:46 Students thankful for iPhone gift, feel at home 57:22 Passionate about propagating Twi language worldwide


Primary Topic: Importance of Preserving Language and Culture

– Impact of language on cultural identity

– Concerns about foreign influence on Ghanaian culture

– Language courses at Twi Learning Centre

– Adapting to Ghanaian culture for success in business and everyday life

– Role of language and culture in shaping identity, financial decisions, and everyday life for Ghanaians and returning expats

– Efforts to preserve the authenticity of languages and cultural values

Primary Topic: Twi Learning Center Ghana

– Reason behind naming the center “Twi Learning Center”

– Expansion to a team of 17 working to connect people back to their roots

– Free lessons and books offered through social media and the website

– In-person group language classes and virtual classes

– Kid’s classes and special courses for travelers

– Challenge of getting people on board to pay for credit reports and recruitment of volunteers

– Impact on students and teachers

– Addressing unemployment issues in Ghana through job opportunities

– High demand for services leading to the need for more teachers

– Focus on personal growth, financial literacy, and a supportive community for employees

Primary Topic: Personal Experiences and Cultural Impact

– Need to adapt to Ghanaian culture to avoid frustration and financial pitfalls

– Concerns about language corruption and the influence of Western culture on Ghanaian culture

– Significance of emotional connection in the language and understanding cultural norms and values in Ghana

– Emphasis on understanding both the system and culture of a country to survive and thrive

– Impact of Western culture on Ghanaian culture, particularly among the younger generation

– Importance of making time for what is important

Primary Topic: Impact of Language Learning

– The fluency in a language and the work needed to become fluent

– Goal to achieve proficiency at individuals’ own pace

– The significance of understanding cultural norms and values in Ghana to preserve identity and heritage

Primary Topic: Business and Cultural Influence

– The impact of language and culture on identity, financial decisions, and everyday life for Ghanaians and returning expats

– The need to preserve language and cultural identity to truly connect and thrive within a community

– The importance of understanding and adapting to Ghanaian culture for success in business and everyday life

Primary Topic: Financial and Business Aspects

– Release of credit reports and challenges in recruiting volunteers

– High cost of data and equipment for running online classes in Ghana

– Necessity of paying teachers well and ensuring their well-being

– Addressing unemployment issues in Ghana through job opportunities

Primary Topic: Passion and Impact

– Transition from volunteering to a business

– Focus on impact, rather than just profits

– Hope for continued success and increased prices in the future

– Stories of helping students continue their education and providing necessary resources

These topics highlight the diverse content covered in the podcast episode, encompassing language preservation, cultural impact, Twi Learning Center Ghana, personal experiences, business influence, financial aspects, passion, and impact


1. In what ways do Emmanuel TLC and Adrian Daniels emphasize the significance of preserving language and culture, particularly within the context of Ghanaian heritage?

2. How do language and cultural preservation impact not only personal identity, but also business success and everyday interaction within Ghanaian society?

3. What are the specific challenges and potential consequences related to the corruption of language, such as the addition of English words and incorrect pronunciation, as discussed by the hosts?

4. How does the Tree Learning Center aim to connect individuals with Ghanaian culture and heritage, and what initiatives are in place to support this goal?

5. What was the driving force behind Emmanuel’s decision to establish the Tree Learning Center, and how has it evolved from its initial concept to where it stands today?

6. In what ways does the Tree Learning Center actively contribute to addressing unemployment issues in Ghana, and what impact has it had on the lives of both students and employees?

7. How does Emmanuel communicate the importance of understanding and adapting to Ghanaian culture for individual success, and what strategies does he recommend for achieving this understanding?

8. What role do emotion and tone play in language learning, particularly in the context of Ghanaian languages, and how do they impact the overall learning experience?

9. What do the hosts emphasize about the significance of language and culture in shaping everyday life and financial decision-making for Ghanaians and returning expatriates?

10. In what specific ways do the in-person and virtual language classes at the Tree Learning Center aim to provide not only language learning opportunities, but also networking and cultural experiences within the community?




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