Paa Kwesi Folson is a Corporate Trainer, keynote speaker, Entrepreneur, Personal Brand strategist & a Personal Development Coach.

Over time, he has become one of the recognised voices on certain subject matters due to demonstrated results, these subject matter encircle; social media , leadership, digital marketing, business, personal branding, soft skills, and personal development.

He is the pioneer and the brain behind the revolutionary summit, New Dawn Conferences. This event seeks to unearth, hone and skyrocket the abilities of individuals to be able to create some form of tangible value for themselves, it is hinged on four main pillars; Personal Branding, Soft Skills , Financial literacy and Personal Development.

He happened to be the President of the largest private business school in Ghana; Central University Business School Association in the 21/22 year, he also pioneered and was the Chief founding member of the Central University Public Speaking Club. 


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– The negative educational environment in Ghana and its impact on students’ confidence and participation in class

– Shaming and humiliation in front of peers

– Lack of confidence and shyness among students

– The need for changes in the educational system


– Boosting a student’s confidence and self-esteem

– Personal experience of helping a shy student succeed

– Outperforming other candidates in a vetting process


– Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for personal branding

– Importance of showing yourself in a positive light

– The significance of your profile headline

– Key aspects of profile optimization (profile picture, headline, about section, personal grooming)

– Continuation of the optimization process


– Critique of the Ghanaian educational system

– Emphasis on personal development for success within the system

– The speaker’s personal journey of personal development

– Escaping societal limitations through personal development


– Fear and public speaking

– Fear as a positive and protective mechanism

– Clausophobia (fear of public speaking) as a mental health disorder

– Overcoming fear through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)


– Importance of LinkedIn for professional networking and personal branding

– Connecting with people in the same industry, potential clients, and individuals worldwide

– LinkedIn as a platform to advance in career or business

– Differentiating LinkedIn from other social media platforms

– The speaker’s experience at a Career and Investment Summit


– Building a relevant network on social media

– Targeting specific hashtags and following like-minded individuals

– Generating content for visibility and attracting an audience


– Understanding personal branding

– Focusing on introspection and self-awareness

– Positioning oneself differently in the market

– The “BRAND” acronym for personal branding


– Importance of personal development

– Taking control of one’s life and goals

– Labor and effort required to achieve goals

– Learning from successful people and building capacity


– Building brand equity through storytelling and differentiation

– Making strengths and weaknesses relevant to a marketplace

– Considering audience relevance

– Making oneself appealing through tone, character, language, and disposition

– Differentiating from others in the industry


– The “BRAND” framework for branding





The impact of a negative educational environment on students in Ghana is something we need to address. Shaming and humiliation in front of peers can dampen a student’s spirit and confidence, leading to a lack of participation in class.

It’s disheartening to see so many students in Ghana struggle with confidence and shyness because of their educational experiences. We need to change this for them to achieve their full potential.

Paa Kwesi recently had the opportunity to help a shy student boost her confidence and self-esteem. With support and encouragement, she performed well in a vetting process and outperformed other candidates. It’s amazing what a little confidence can do!

When it comes to optimizing your LinkedIn profile, it’s all about showing who you are and what you do in a positive light. The headline on your profile is crucial as it’s the first thing people see. Make it count!

Profile optimization is essential for letting others know who you are and opening the door for connections. A good profile picture, clear headline, well-written about section, and personal grooming make a big difference.

But profile optimization is just the first step. There’s more to be done. Personal development is fundamental for success in the Ghanaian educational system. Taking time to focus on personal growth before building a personal brand can make all the difference.

Paa Kwesi also recently encountered a girl lacking confidence due to the impact of the educational system. It broke my heart. Have you experienced such limitations in the Ghanaian education system? Let’s bring awareness and work toward change.

Fear of public speaking is something many struggle with. While I don’t have that fear, we recognize that everyone experiences fear in some way. It can actually be positive and save us from harmful situations.

For those who do fear public speaking, known as clausophobia, there is hope. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help in overcoming this fear and building confidence on stage. I’ve seen it work firsthand.

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking app in the world. It’s not just good, it’s essential for expanding your business and career. Connect with like-minded individuals, potential clients, and professionals from various industries.

While Instagram and other platforms have their place, LinkedIn has a more formal approach that can offer unique opportunities. It’s the best platform to advance your career or business, build your personal brand, and change things for the better.

Paa Kwesi recently attended a Career and Investment Summit at my alma mater, Central University. It was a humbling experience to address my peers as a former participant, now as a speaker. My intention was to genuinely help and connect on a soul-to-soul level.

Optimizing your profile on LinkedIn is just the start. Building a relevant network is equally important. Target specific hashtags, follow people interested in those topics, and engage with their content.

Content creation is key to gaining visibility and attracting an audience on LinkedIn. Showcase your expertise, share valuable insights, and be consistent in delivering quality content.

Personal branding is about understanding and projecting your strengths and weaknesses. Start with introspection and self-awareness, then consider external factors. Position yourself as different in the market.

Personal development is the foundation for success. Take control of your life and goals. Go through the labor and effort required to achieve them. Read and learn from successful people to model your own strategies.

Your brand is all about making your strengths and weaknesses relevant to a marketplace. Consider whether what you offer is relevant to your audience. Make yourself appealing in terms of tone, character, language, and disposition.

Narrating your brand story is vital for building brand equity. Your story sets you apart and helps people connect with you on a deeper level. Find what others are not doing and incorporate those unique elements into your own brand.

To sum it up, personal development and branding go hand in hand. Take control of your life, focus on growth, and build your capacity. Be proactive in optimizing your LinkedIn profile, networking, creating content, and showcasing your strengths.


Remember, life will happen to you if you don’t take control. So, take matters into your own hands, develop yourself, and build your personal brand. Let’s inspire and empower each other on this journey of success!

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