Kofi M-A



Adrian co-hosts this episode of The Sound of Accra with a good friend of his, Kofi M.A ; a Media and Communications Specialist and Content Creator. We have a real conversation about being from the Diaspora, and if the Diaspora or Africans and Ghanaians living in the Western world abroad are at risk of losing their African roots because of the influences and pressures of the West, and vice versa, the West attempting to infiltrate African culture with westernised developments and infrastructure being heavily established in countries including Ghana.

In this episode, we discuss things like:

  • The impact of ethnic diversity in the West and why we need to preserve it 
  • Globalisation of African and Ghanaian culture and making sure it sticks around
  • The importance of ownership within the black communities 
  • Some tips for listeners and much more



  • Be proud of your culture. But above all, be considerate of others and a positive influence
  •  The landscape of Ghana has changed a great deal. Not just at grass roots or geographical level, but also mentally and financially
  • Are we keeping our talents in the west or taking it back home to Africa to help our nations
  • We need to own more as a black community
  • British-Nigerian Actor John Boyega recently signs a Netflix deal to develop films focused on African stories
  • Challenge the stereotypes by owning things and sharing in the black community
  • Re-invent what it means to be black


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