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On The Sound of Accra Podcast, we are joined today by Award-Winning Artist and Vocal Coach, Kingsley Ampoful. He has sung for President Nana Akufo-Addo at His Inauguration in 2021. He has also He was nominated for the prestigious Vodafone Ghana music awards show this year for the category of best male vocal performance and won another award all with his first single ever. He’s also an advocate for invisible chronic illnesses and mental health and has a YouTube channel dubbed chronically. He loves to serve God and is passionate about what he does.


Kingsley’s curiosity of the voice as an instrument turned him into a self-trained vocal coach and has even been a judge for some of the shows. Taught little girls 9-10 to those in their early 30s. He’s been learning for 10+ years.

People can contact Kingsley for vocal coach serious enquiries. It’s possible to do vocal training remotely Kingsley says, but ideally in person. He was forced to do a lot virtually during covid. 

Kingsley prefers smaller acoustic spaces for performances.

Three main annual concert In December:

1. Stratton praise jam
2. Joe Mettle
3. Christmas with M.O.G

There’s not structured events site or structured monetisation platforms in Ghana. If they exist, they aren’t promoted enough

Aftown music is a platform which accepts mobile money. Ego tickets an event platform too. More platforms powered by creatives and event creators should be powered by mobile money, etc, or mediums available to them

Kingsley has two YouTube channels: ChronicALLY (documenting his chronic back pain journey) and Kingsley Ampoful (music artists)

Kingsley has touched people all over the world from US to Japan with his YouTube channel


IG- kingsley_ampoful
Twitter: king_unhinged


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1:50 introduction


3:49 Kingsley performs for current president


4:55 Kingsley’s awards and nomination


7:06 notable names Kingsley was nominated with 


9:41 Kingsley meeting other famous artists


11:43 Kingsley the vocal coach


15:12 Kingsley finds a vocal coach client in the most unexpected places


16:19 virtual vocal coaching


18:12 Kingsley’s performances


21: 32 performing at big venues vs small venues


23:10: Key Gospel Concerts at Ghana every December


29:50 the goal for Ghana gospel artists


33: 23 lack of monetisation structure for Ghanaian artists


36:53 difficult for independent creators in Ghana to make money despite platforms


39:30 the lack of structure for events and creatives


41:41 An African YouTube, Patreon to bridge the gap for creatives or artists in Ghana?


43:43 Kingsleys YouTube channels


45:51 Kingsley struggle with chronic illness


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