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ken daniels the sound of accra podcast


In episode 8, Adrian catches up with a relative, Ken Daniels, the founder of Ekow; a creative video production company bringing together storytelling and visual elements to create highly compelling visual content. He works with brands, businesses and artists around the world.

In this episode, we discuss things like:

● How Ken made the transition from the 9-5 rat race to becoming a founder of a creative video production company
● Some of the highs and lows of being a self-employed videographer
● Adjusting to life in Spain and becoming fluent in Spanish
● Leveraging social media for business and brand exposure
● Lockdown in Spain vs The Rest of the World
● What it’s like being black and Ghanaian in Spain
● and much more

Note: This is a two-part special


● His first videographer gig didn’t go as planned but still learned from there as an amateur
● Working with people who like to collaborate and are open-minded to fresh ideas, rather than wanting him to do one-off videography
● Working various 9-5 roles in different industries including Schools and Corporates, prepared him for his business and all had one thing in common: they were all associated with events
● He can take his company anywhere in the world and isn’t limited to one country or area to work in, and can work anytime (finding freedom)
● Finding differences to Spanish cultures
● Lockdown in Spain completely different to England- far less opportunities to leave your home
● Ghanaian/African-orientated creative videographers and YouTubers: Wode Maya, Vanessa Kanbi, Passport Heavy and Callan Wesley



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