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holiday helperr


In this episode of The Sound of Accra Podcast, Adrian chats with Kojo Brown (aka Holiday Helperr),who runs an online travel agency designed to help you save money on travel, open peoples eyes to the world of travel, providing travel and tourism services namely in Marrakesh, Dubai and Accra and maximising your annual leave holiday allowance. 

In this episode, we discuss things like:

  • How he has been able to 52 countries in a few years
  • Kojo’s personal favourite places to travel to in the world
  • How Coronavirus will change travel over the next 12 months
  • His travel and tourism services in Accra and Ghana
  • Golden tips to maximise travel and tourism
  • And much more


How to maximise your holiday in 2020-

Kojo has travelled to 52 countries out of 195

Top 3 places to visit for Kojo include South Africa, Ghana and Sweden

Scandinavia possibly leading the world for a conscious-society

Trips to America including Camp America

Quickly spotted an opportunity to launch travel and tourism in Accra

Travel will change post-coronavirus (less spontaneous trips, less travel, cheaper flights, more cautious, travellers nervous to travel, prices to go down, difficult for airports and airplanes to practice social distancing) 

How he markets his agency and manages his instagram page

Youtubers (e.g. Vanessa Kanbi, Callen Wesley, Passport Heavy, Wode Maya)  vs Commercial travel content providers 

Travel agents still on the high street in the UK because of the human interaction advantage

BBC covering Kojo and Holiday Helperr:

2020 plans and Beyond the return predictions for Ghana

Amex Gold card travel hacks-



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