Alicia Richardson is the founder of BlackCreateConnect , a platform that began as a WhatsApp group in 2020 to support black professionals. The group quickly grew as opportunities and connections were created within it. Alicia recognised the demand from companies to connect with black professionals and decided to create a platform that would facilitate these organic connections. Black Create Connect now offers events, a job board, and a podcast for companies to advertise and partner with. 

Alicia acts as a mediator between the black community and companies, listening to feedback and advocating for the needs and wants of black professionals and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through her platform. She aims to provide meaningful opportunities and support for black professionals in their career journeys.


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Website: https://blackcreateconnect.co.uk/


Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/3w9gphJEjb9jQx7WRsXwd1


00:00: Intro 00:05:54 BlackCreateConnect 00:07:52 Speaking and Connecting 00:12:48 Clubhouse networking 00:18:04 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 00:20:37 Diversity challenges for Corporate Companies 00:24:25 Opportunities for Black leaders often overlooked 00:29:45 University struggles, journey and advice 00:33:44 Creating diverse roles 00:36:23 Confidence-building 00:38:58 Networking in London 00:44:23] BlackCreateConnect 00:45:36 Global Connections 00:49:05 Outro  


Topics covered in this session:

– Alicia’s for starting a podcast– Recording interesting conversations with professionals– Answering frequently asked questions and sharing advice– Selection process for podcast guests– Based on their achievements in their field and journey– Example of Torrin Ellis selected based on energy and talk at RecFest– Impactful talk on diversity, equity, and inclusion– Delivery and presence captivated the audience– Silence in the room, people expressed gratitude afterwards– Listener invited speaker to be on her podcast– Using Clubhouse for networking and hiring diverse candidates– Successful hires from platforms like Clubhouse, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.– Secret tracking link comparing applications from different platforms– Clubhouse group had more relevant and successful applications– Direct network resulted in around 32 hires– The power of direct networks and referrals for job opportunities– Direct networks have a significant impact on hiring– Importance of leveraging referrals for diverse candidates– Collaboration with companies on partnerships and content creation– Partnerships to tap into companies’ networks– Content creation and job ad campaigns to attract diverse candidates– Understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)– Diversity encompasses cognitive abilities, cultural backgrounds, etc.– Equity provides equal opportunities and resources– Inclusion values different perspectives and contributions– Importance of diversity for profitability and innovation– Challenges in implementing DEI in companies– DEI being a popular trend but not new– Need for practical application and understanding of DEI– Limitations of focusing only on gender diversity– Importance of diversity in decision-making roles– Measuring the impact of DEI initiatives– Helping companies understand the business effect and ROI– Struggles with measuring DEI impact on growth and profitability– Creating opportunities for diversity within companies– Convincing senior stakeholders of the business case– Identifying and creating new roles for diversity– Role creation and adaptation for changing needs– Speaking engagements and preparing for them– Building confidence through public speaking activities– Different experiences speaking in church and companies– Finding silence, praying, or meditating before speaking– Speaking earlier in the day for better energy– Connecting with the audience during speaking engagements– Being present, speaking clearly, and knowing the topic– Speaking slowly and being oneself– Enjoying engagement and ice-breaking activities– Focus on connecting globally regardless of race or background– Partnerships with organizations genuinely interested in the black community– Aiming to help 100 black professionals find opportunities by 2023– Empowering community leaders from marginalized groupsA


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