E.A Gamor


In this episode of The Sound of Accra Podcast, Adrian chats with digital consultant and multimedia journalist, E.A  (Emmanuel Agbeko) Gamor, the founder of the Unpacking Africa Podcast and entrepreneurial leader.

In this episode, we discuss things like:

  • Why he’s currently living in South Africa, having previously lived in America and Ghana
  • Why now is the right time for Africa to embrace the Smart City model that is taking over the continent 
  • What digital tranformation means for Ghana and African countries 
  • His expertise and perspectives on what is happening in Africa economically, digitally, socially, etc
And much more


  • Born in Ghana and  raised in United States (High School and College)
  • Earned a full scholarship at Florida
  • In his earlier years, he worked at a non-profit at Africare at Washington DC
  • Relocated back to Africa in 2012
  • Bootstrapped a radio idea in Ghana on empowering young people in Ghana, on bringing individuals together on how they were hacking it in Ghana
  • Worked at Y FM and Did BD for a global media alliance
  •  Won multiple awards, including from Google Africa Connected
  • Worked in Digital & Design Innovation with Impact Hub in Accra
  • Took a sabbatical to teach entrepreneurship  leadership at Mauritius
  • The Wakanda is a specific vision modernistic take of African nuances and blends. These systems have to be built like Paris, etc.
  • Now lives in South Africa is an Industrial Power House
  • Supermarkets and Infrastructures found Sub-Saharan Africa such as Game, Mr Price, Shoprite, MTN, etc, have all originated from South Africa
  • His podcast, ‘Unpacking Africa’ rooted from a myriad of experience he’s developed from the continent over the years, and showcase the New Wave Hustle of Entrepreneurs
  • Was a youth representative at the World Economic Forum Davos 2019 conference in Switzerland. This explored how Africa needs to respond to the opportunities and challenges to generating inclusive growth in Africa
  • Used experience he has developed from the continent
  • An Eco-system is an inter-connected actors that benefit from a common goal
  • Africa’s current economic, energy and technology has set up africa nicely for a flurry of smart cities developments in Africa
  • Kwabana Boateng suggest Smart Cities is an opportunity more for connecting Africa and its Diaspora 
  • Going to the moon allows for innovations we didn’t think about before (American philosophy of innovating)
  • The World has an issue of globalisation
  • Smart cities are re-imagining what cities look like and have them more embedded in the needs of people and energy conservation
  • Petronia city is an example of an aspired city anyone would like to live in, but a sustainable city that allows you to connect in ways in which you feel happy, and your best productive self
  • Work, Live, Play and Learn is a typical slogan for Smart cities in Africa 
  • Population of California tipped to be 50 million by 2050, and thus there is a need for rapid urban development 
  • Since 2012, China has been leading innovation in Smart cities, smart cars
  • Japan has been one of the greatest exporters of management styles and conservative styles, philosophies, innovative excellence and aesthetics
  • Digital transformation is way technology can serve us in africa, audio-visually
  • Our generation needs to be okay with opportunities that have past, and embrace what we can achieve in future
  • Emmanuel’s initiative, Urithi Media, is a passion-project to upscale, and partner with budding social entrepreneurs from Ghana to the world; encouraging community building through free-to-attend intervention programs that empower young avengers on the African continent.


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