Cece Adjei



Cece joins Adrian in this insightful episode of The Sound of Accra Podcast. Adrian and Cece discuss everything from travel media, travel destinations and recommendations (Pre and post-COVID-19), diversity and the emergence of afrotourism in recent years, and for the years to come.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • What goes on in the promotional and strategic side of the travel industry to attract tourists
  • Cece’s passion for travel, trips, recommendations and tips
  • Diversity in travel
  • The emergence of Afrotourism and why she is flying the flag for travel in the African continent


About Cece

Cece manages global brand partnerships across lifestyle verticles at VisitBritain. Managing VisitBritain’s portfolio of brand partnerships includes: scoping & securing opportunities, strategic planning and leading on developing compelling international marketing campaigns to encourage tourism to Britain.  Cecelia has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands across various sectors including Premier League, Universal Studios, Google, London Facebook, LadBible Group, SnapChat, Warner Bros, British Fashion Council, Aston Martin to name a few. 

Outside of this Cecelia works to support Black & minority ethnic-owned businesses/ entrepreneurs to develop by providing strategy and marketing advisory services. No one day is the same in Cecelia’s world.  


Cecelia loves to travel – exploring the world, connecting with cultures and making memories! One of her passions is around supporting the countries on the continent to enhance their tourism product & profile to help collectively rewrite the ‘African narrative’



  • She’s a big fan of Tropical fruit including Mangos
  • VisitBritain, VisitWales and VisitEngland are focused on promoting domestic travel within the UK  
  • Top African countries Cece recommends for visiting post-CV19 include: Ghana, Malawi for Cycling, 
  • After the age of 14, you are less likely to be fluent in a language
  • Can speak good Twi, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Korean 
  • Favourite place to visit at the moment is the Philippines
  • Indonesia is phenomenal for diving
  • Companies should have made changes to favour the BAME population prior to George Floyd incident
  • Cece helps black entrepreneurs with strategy and marketing outside her role 
  • Wanting to see more adverts for Africa in the west, and more African countries investing more into their tourism sector to attract more tourists
  • Tourism advocates in Ghana should have done more 


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