Kirstie Kwarteng

SHOW SUMMARY In episode 9, Adrian chats to Kirstie Kwarteng, the founder of The Nana Project, a digital platform dedicated to preserving Ghana’s history through the voices of its elders, helping to create a better understanding of our sense of self.  In this episode, we discuss things including: How The Nana Project came into existence […]

Ken Daniels

SHOW SUMMARY In episode 8, Adrian catches up with a relative, Ken Daniels, the founder of Ekow; a creative video production company bringing together storytelling and visual elements to create highly compelling visual content. He works with brands, businesses and artists around the world. In this episode, we discuss things like: ● How Ken made […]

Queen Akosua

SHOW SUMMARY In episode 7, Adrian gets on the phone with a new friend, Queen Akosua, brand ambassador of Unapologetically Black, The #1 choice for Unapologetically Black Edutainment. The Facebook page has amassed over 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS! She’s also a social media expert and an entrepreneur. In this episode, we discuss things like: ● Her tourism […]

Jesse Acquah-Hayford

SHOW SUMMARY In episode 6, Adrian catches up with digital sound creator, Jesse-Acquah-Hayford, founder of New Motives World of Creativity (WOC), an agency setup to serve clients in the digital creative arts field including sound design, graphic design and animations. There are plans to serve the African community in the near future with animation services […]

Kwame Boadu

SHOW SUMMARY In episode 5, Adrian gets on the phone to an acquaintance, Kwame Boadu, founder of Tailoredifferent, an online platform aimed at black mens tailors and designers, showcasing the tailors and designers who ensure your style is tailored different. In this episode, we discuss things like: ● The current state of Black Mens fashion, tailored […]

Nana Yaa Serwaah Akuoku

SHOW SUMMARY In episode 4, Adrian chats to the lovely Nana Yaa Serwaah Akuoku aka Queen Yaa, creative artist extraordinaire. She has done everything from dressing for fashion designers to collaborating with afro-music artists. In this episode, we discuss things like: ● Afro futurism and Afro punk● What it’s like coming to Ghana for the […]

Young Ghanaian Professionals UK

SHOW SUMMARY In episode 3, Adrian takes on the dynamic duo of YGP, the founder Lucy and a lead elder of YGP, Isaac, from Young Ghanaian Professionals UK. They are in their 20’s,30’s, studying and working in various professional industries.Together they share African Ghanaian cultural experiences. See them at their monthly meetups where they discuss […]

James Brew Amissah

SHOW SUMMARY In episode 2, Adrian takes the hot seat with special guest, James Brew Amissah, Founder of Phoenix Kreativez and The Brew Show, who displays his expertise in the entertainment and sporting industry in Accra throughout the show. We discuss things like:● Did Beyonce really come to Accra?● Why even local Ghanaians couldn’t even […]

Gbontwi Anyetei

SHOW SUMMARY In the opening episode of The Sound of Accra Podcast, Adrian interviews the Award-winning accomplished writer, Gbontwi Anyetai, where his extensive body of creative work is explored whilst recognising his achievements, struggles and and aspirations in the Ghanaian creative community and the wider world. This podcast was recorded at the scenic “Antique Lemonade […]