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He is the Co-Founder and Director of Anidaso 360, an organization that empowers and equips disenfranchised communities through education, economic and social advancement. In addition, this organization empowers young adults through international immersion trips to Ghana, through transcultural leadership experiences and exposure.

As an internationally recognized poet, author, speaker, award winning performer and catalyst for social change, Tim Swain has been captivating audiences for 17 years. Over the past 15 years, he has headlined and been the keynote speaker at international venues in Mexico, Ghana and the United States of America. 

In this episode, we discuss things like:

Tim’s background and dreams

The turning point which led to the Ghana move

Shining light on African Beauty

The controversy and contradiction of African Churches

Pioneering a movement for African-American man



Tim Swain holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, a Masters of Education from Texas State University, in Texas, United States and a Masters of Arts in Theology and Mission, with a concentration in World Christianity from Ghana, Africa. He is an author who uses his powerful voice by infusing life changing inspirational messages in memorable creative expressions.

Tim Swain is also the inspiration behind the “Why I write” anti-bullying campaign in London. He has extensive experience in curating, innovating and developing programs for countless universities including, Duke University, Texas State University, and Washington State University. Amongst others is also his involvement in international organizations like CRU, the African Forum of Religion and Government and Compassion International Ghana.


One of Tim’s first loves and passions was Poetry. He was strongly impacted by a Jackie Hill Perry / P4CM concert. He released an album called Stained Glass Poetry. He also used to rap before Poetry.

God can give you purpose through your passions.

Tim wrote a poem called ‘Why I write’- this ended up getting traction in London and the attention of people like the BBC.

He’s grown up with dreams to impact communities around the world and use gifts such as poetry and public speaking to impact lives. He didn’t want to pursue stereotypical paths such as playing sports, music career or fame. 

One of the most powerful books Tim read was the autobiography of Malcolm X. One quote was ‘you can’t hate the roots of the tree but not the tree’.

No one in Tim’s circle or family went to Africa, but he always wanted to go.

Historically being undereducated or not being exposed to African Culture which is what leads a lot of African-Americans having an ignorance of what Africa is really like. 

Tim felt like a weight was off his shoulder when he first came to Ghana

When Tim was in the states before he came to Africa, he was planning on marrying a white woman. Tim felt he was lied to about how Africa is depicted.

Grew up in a Charismatic church in America. So he came to visit Charismatic churches in Ghana first. African churches have put off a lot of people going to church and becoming Christians; there’s a level of hypocrisy and greed that needs to be addressed. However, there are good people, good churches out there. Tim mentioned how ‘culture transcends religion’. There are issues outside of the church like poverty, Dumsoor and more that aren’t really supported by most churches in Ghana. Nevertheless, Tim found a good church in Ghana. 

“If all we had to pray, then Africa would be the most developed country in the world”- Tim Swain

Anidaso means ‘hope’ in Twi

Tim created the program Ghana 360: Focuses on Spiritual, Cultural and Professional development including health and Wellness. Tim went on another mission trip in 2013 and realised he had to bring more people to Ghana. 

Businesses are looking at Africa not for where it is now, but where it will be in the future. Tim encourages us all to see this truth with the same lens.

People don’t necessarily need to relocate to Africa / Ghana, but change the relationship with the continent; a place of economic, social, cultural and educational exchange. 


Website: www.anidaso360.com 

African Voiceshttps://edition.cnn.com/specials/africa/african-voices-changemakers



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