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ABOUT 100k for Ghana

100k For Ghana is an Impact Funding Initiative operating across the industrial sector, established to provide liveable wage jobs for all Ghanaians. They want to be recognised as the organisation that is building the Industrial Sector of Ghana from the ground up. Their primary purpose to provide meaningful jobs for the average Ghanaian, giving them access to liveable wages. Which affords better access to healthcare, education, personal development and improving the social economy across Ghana.


Their Slogan is “Individually brilliant, collectively superior”

100k For Ghana was the result of Enoch wanting to see out the next 10 years with purpose and shutting the mouths of those who talk about doing something in Ghana but never take action. 100K for Ghana is no longer a concept. There has been actual deliverables accomplished. Set up all these operations in 5 months. They have had 300 zoom calls in the last 6 months. 100k For Ghana is an establishment/movement set to be around for many years

100k For Ghana want to level the playing field between the rich, middle class and poor socio-economic classes

Samuel and Enoch have discussed doing something for Ghana for sometime!


Their target is 165 donation per head per year. But will accept whatever they can afford!

The MoMo to donate is: 020 514 1855. Alternatively, donate on their online website or use Pay Angel ( Code:100k) or request a Bank transfer.

One of the factories they aspire to, is the Blue Skies factory in the Eastern region of Ghana

Pockets of impact in Ghana is not enough and not sustainable 

Quote: “We all want the same thing, why the silo’s?”

Transparency and accountability is important to 100k for Ghana with their projects. Collaborating with the likes of Medical and Thinknovate wasn’t particurly easy but essential.

Initiatives included Kente weaving factory in Volta region and Health screening centre in Eastern region.

Doctors were brought in across Ghana 250 people turned up to the Medical Health drive.This wasn’t on their original agenda but made a huge impact.

2022 plans including reinforcing projects undertaken in 2021 and early 2022

Media Coverage:

JoyOnline TV 

Ghana Web 

Challenge to listeners: Take yourself out of your bubble and remember 100k For Ghana were able to contribute a significant amount in only 5 months


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Website: www.100kforghana.com

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enoch@100kforghana.com – Enoch

samuel@100kforghana.com – Samuel

jasmine@100kforghana.com – Jasmine


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